Small things you can do to protect the sea

Small things you can do to protect the sea

Our aim is to make underwater projects, diving, snorkeling and boat excursions not only fun but educational. The destructive effects of plastic waste, chemicals and overfishing are visible in the sea. We work a lot on ourselves and on our techniques to protect the sea by changing our daily habits and the tools we use. We ask you to do the same during your trip in Salento. Sometimes the evil is in details. Here are some tips you can easily do – not just during your holiday!

Be responsible: reduce your plastic waste, don’t litter into the sea

The plastic pollution of the Adriatic Sea is one of the most critical ones among the European seas; according to a study of Marine Pollution Bulletin published in February 2019. Looking closely at the coasts and diving deep, it turns out in South Italy as well that the problem is enormous: microplastics at the beaches and various plastic and other wastes on the seabed disturb the idyllic scene reminding us that the most often used artificial material created by humans is present everywhere. What you can do is to reduce your plastic waste, refuse single-use plastics and don’t litter on the beach or into the sea.


Using sunscreens: avoid from the toxins!

Don’t stop reading with the sun protection factor (SPF) but turn it and read also the chemical compounds in it! Oxybenzone and Octinoxate are very dangerous on coral reefs: they harm the coral’s DNA and cause bleaching – the effect when the coral is losing the colour and turns to white. When swimming, diving or snorkeling from your skin these chemicals can easily get into the water and cause this destructive process, so it is better to be conscious about it. We know there is no perfect choice and it is not easy to find products that are effective without chemicals but mineral sunscreens or protective clothing could be better options for the sea. On this link you can read the Consumer Report’s article which helps you to get more information about it.

1 dive 1 trash: collect the garbage meanwhile you are diving

As we mentioned before, plastic has no place in the sea. If you find it, remove it! Even one butt of cigarette can cause so much harm to the animals. Have you seen the shocking photos of dead dolphins, turtles, whales and birds full of plastic in their bodies? If you collect them before they eat them, you can save lives! Do the same on the beach: collect the litter because the trash will end up in the water sooner or later.

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The fish belongs to the sea: eating less can save them from overfishing

If you have seen the Netflix movie “Seaspiracy” then you know what we mean. Overfishing is one of the biggest dangers for the world’s oceans and seas by destroying marine species and it is deeply connected to our eating habits. Being a vegan or vegetarian is a personal choice for everybody and we don’t ask you to stop eating fish totally. We just ask you to educate yourself. We are sure you are a responsible diver or someone who is deeply in love with the sea: please let the underwater animals to live! Try to eat less of them and choose the source very carefully because they belong to the sea, not on the plate! In addition: please don’t stress the animals during your diving or snorkeling trip: they can be scared if you start to chase them. If you love marine life, stay calm and let them to do the first step or just observe them from the distance.


Join an organization – help locally

Get involved directly into the sea protection with taking part in conservation projects. Diving Fraula’s team is also the founder of Associazione Porto Badisco, a local association with the aim to get the coastline around Porto Badisco to be declared marine protected area, which could protect its fragile wildlife. We put a great emphasis on education and organising actions like beach clean-ups. Chek out our Facebook site and feel free to join!


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